Romeo and Juliet Socratic Seminar Resources

Students are to read three (3) articles and annotate two (2) for our Socratic Seminar.  Students are to watch two videos.  Use the Essential questions to guide your annotations.


What’s Wrong with the Teenage Mind- Wallstreet Journal


Teens Brains are more Sensitive to Rewarding Feedback from Peers- Association for Psychological Science


Teenage Brain Development- How Stuff Works


Runaway Romeo and Juliet Teens- TIME Magazine


When your Teen Boy Becomes Moody, Blame Biology- TIME Magazine


Teen Binge Drinking: All Too Common?- Psychology Today


A Sense of Autonomy is a Primary Reward or Threat for the Brain- Psychology Today


Teenagers in Love, an excerpt from Sticky Bonds- Psychology Today


Teen Love Hurts: ABC News


The mysterious workings of the adolescent brain- TEDTalk


We are all Cyborgs Now- TEDTalk


Why 30 is not the new 20- TEDTalk


The Teen Brain on Technology- PBS


Essential Questions

  • What level of personal responsibility should teens have for making their own choices and accepting the consequences afterward?


  • What social/environmental might factors influence teens’ decision-making processes?


  • What intrinsic factors might influence teens’ decision-making process?


  • When do teens make the best decisions?  The worst?


  • What types of “bad decisions” are common in teens?  What are the consequences of these bad decisions?


  • What is unique to teens’ today that might influence the decisions they make (for good or bad)?


  • Is being a teen difficult?  Why or why not?


  • If being a teen is difficult, what are some ways individuals cope (positive and negative)?


  • Is true love possible as a teenager?


  • How might Romeo and Juliet’s experiences have been different in today’s society?


  • Is the romance between Romeo and Juliet realistic?


  • Should teens engage in romantic relationships?  What are the positive effects?  The negative effects?

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