Honors English 9 Lesson Plans

Periods 4, 5, and 8

April 6 – 10

 No Membean this week

Mon. – Distribute Act II Vocabulary Words. Use context clues to determine meanings. Due Wed.

Listen to Act II sc. 1 and discuss.

Listen to Act II sc. 2 and discuss.

HW: Read modern Act II sc. 3-5

Tue. – Listen to Act II sc. 3-5 and discuss.

HW: Vocabulary for Act II

Wed. – Distribute definitions and discuss Vocabulary

Finish Act II sc. 5 if necessary.

Act II discussion activity: Explain whether Romeo and Juliet are right to marry secretly. Make sure to support opinions with text evidence.

HW: Act I – II Vocabulary test (20 pts.)

Thurs. – Vocabulary test (20 pts.)

Read modern Act III sc. 1-3 (picking parts tomorrow for reading/acting out. I have a system, so have back up parts if you do not get the one you want. I am Lord Capulet)

Fri. – Pick Parts

Begin Reading / Acting / discussing Act III.

April 20-24

No Membean this week

These plans may change…

Independent Drama due May 10.

Vocabulary Act 4 open notes partner quiz.

Mon. – Review Act III quizzes. Make sure answers are correct.

Review essay rubric.

Review essay topic: Should Romeo and Juliet be part of the 9th grade curriculum?

Work on essay outline – the rough draft is due on Thursday.

Tues. – STAR test

Work on essay – to be submitted to Turnitin.com by Friday 8 p.m. Have a rough draft for Thursday.

Wed. – Listen to Act V (29 minutes) Or, have parts list ready and read aloud?

Thursday – Peer Edit essays. – They are due Friday by 8 p.m.

Fri – finish Act V?


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