English 9 Lesson Plans

Periods 1, 2, 3

March 23-27

No Membean this week

 April 6-10

Mon. – Read “How Shakespeare Changed Everything” (383-385).

High light the article to prepare for the essay. Also, fill in the chart on p. 386 and turn in (9 pts.) Due today.

Tue. – In class writing (20 points)

Write a support paragraph for an argument for or against the inclusion of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in the ninth grade curriculum. Due today.

Wed. – Activity 5:20

Discuss #1 on p. 394

Read aloud “Nancy Hanks Lecture on Arts and Public Policy” (395)

Complete #2 and #3 (p.394) while reading p.395-396

HW: Read “Texting Makes U Stupid” (398-399) and complete SMELL chart on p. 397.

Fri. – Popcorn Read aloud of “Why it’s time to give the Bard the heave-ho!”

Discuss it looking for text evidence for essays.

Share list of Shakespeare words: Highlight ones you recognize.

Distribute study guides and books.

            HW: Read Romeo and Juliet Act 1 and sc. 1

April 20-24

 No Membean this week

 Mon. – Act II sc. 5-6

Writing assignment – due on Thursday.  Act II quiz on Wed.

Tues. – STAR tests

Work on writing assignment.

Read Modern Act III sc. 1

HW: study for Act II quiz

Wed. – Act II quiz (20 points)

Work on writing assignment.

Listen to Act III Sc. 1 and answer study guide questions.

Thurs – Collect writing assignments

Complete Act III sc. 1 study guide questions in a group.

Listen to Act III sc. 2-3

Work on study guides

Fri. – Matinee Day

Read silently modern Act III sc. 4 +5



2 responses to “English 9 Lesson Plans

  1. I really want to take this English class. Sadly, I had only one marvelous English teacher in my Sophomore year of High School. Ms. Brewer taught me almost everything I know about literature. I’ve had courses in college less challenging and engaging than that section of honors English. We read two books a week and wrote a paper every day. I hated most of the class, but am so grateful for it now. The world needs more badass high school teachers like you and Brewer. I salute you.

    • Thank you for stopping by and the salute. I am impressed with Ms. Brewer and the reading of two books each week and writing every day. How long were your class periods? I would like to hear any advice you may have for me to prepare the kids for college. Everyone seems to have different ideas, and college is a little different than when I attended.

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