Dual Credit: English 1100 and English 2367


English 1100 and English 2367 Information

(These are not A.P. classes and I am not sure why the registration forms contained A.P.)


I am excited to be teaching both classes.  Here are links to CSCC website and the descriptions / expectations of the classes:



The syllabus will answer many questions, but here are some answers to questions parents and students have asked me:

  • CSCC professors are revising the weekly syllabus, and I do not know what the readings will be.
  • There are no summer reading or writing assignments.
  • CSCC is paying for the text books this year.
  • Evaluations will be writing assignments.  The breakdown will be on the syllabus.
  • I will be working with a professor, but I do not how closely since this is the first year.
  • Being a semester college class, CSCC told us the work load will probably be two hours of homework for every hour of class.  However, since it is a three-hour class, I may only be allowed to teach four days.  One day will be “office hours.”  Students will be with me working independently and/or asking for feedback.
  • A student must earn a C or better to receive college credit.  There is no test like A.P. exams.

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