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Welcome to The Freshman Experience.  I have been teaching freshman English for 31 years, and I still love it!  Everyday I get to be immature and naive.  IMG_0797

I am sharing my experiences through the years because I know I have learned so much from my students. In the novel Matilda by Roald Dahl, Matilda’s Dad tells her , “I’m right and you’re wrong; I’m big and you’re small, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”  Being a bully at work is not the best way to get things done.  It may work for a short time, but it never lasts.  That is why I feel that lessons from the freshman or newbies can help anyone in any occupation or occasion.

And sometimes, I will write about other topics.

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I also welcome any stories you may have to share.

12 responses to “About Me

  1. Meg

    Dear David,

    As a new school year approaches I can only wish you the best. I know your students will learn so much about literature and vocabulary,but it is the life lessons you teach that are incredibly valuable. I am going to miss seeing you everyday at PHSN. I will enjoy following your blog!


  2. Andrea

    I am enjoying your stories!

  3. Hi there–you just commented on my blog, and I came over to visit yours. I see we’re in the same area! Such a small world sometimes!!

  4. susan philip

    hello i enjoyed your seven national crimes in the classroom used it today in the class before beginning my class. there was pin drop silence
    just wanted to know how to go about teaching history. am given to teach grade ten for the first time. senior students. : how do i make the term history interesting and applicable i will be teaching imperialsim geographical discoveries theexplrations and imperialsim in India
    thought of bginning with george santayana’s quote ; those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it

  5. Hi David, thanks for the follow! Hope you have another great year of freshman English. It’s often been my favorite class to teach. 🙂

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