Another Sunday; Another Change in Plans

Students of Saint Mary's Hall

Students of Saint Mary’s Hall (Photo credit: Robert of Fairfax)

I always begin lesson planning on Thursday, so I can stay focused on my goals.  I have been planning to try to have my students use the tools of the 21st century to analyze and write about literature.  The blog also allows them to respond to other student’s opinions also; however, they cannot merely say, “I concur.”  I expect students to support their opinions with facts from the reading selection.  It’s Sunday and I am ready to go…

Except I checked the English department’s laptops and we are down to 21.  Five of my six classes have more than 21 students.  I am left with the dilemma: how do I have students create a blog when they don’t have a computer?

I think I will go back to the 20th century and have them write on notebook paper, then share their analysis with a partner who will write a response.  I can cover the same standards in the curriculum.  I have reserved the good computer lab for the first open day, Jan. 6, so I can introduce the blog then.  But, it is late.  Perhaps I will have a different idea in the morning.




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6 responses to “Another Sunday; Another Change in Plans

  1. Anonymous

    I don’t know precisely where you’re located but I assume it isn’t in the heart of a poor urban area. However, you share this dilemma with the teachers there. Your sentence, “But, it is late.” belies your fear that your students will have to catch up. That’s what teachers in poor schools fear everyday, that their kids don’t have the resources to be competitive EVERYDAY.

    • Actually, we are not in a poor urban area. Some of the poor urban districts in our state receive additional funding to provide resources. The wealthy districts have the tax base to provide resources. Unfortunately, we are in the middle. No extra funding and not enough wealth. It is similar to many problems we educators face each day. The old adage, “If it’s not one thing, it’s another” rings true for us all. By the way, I did use the laptops available. We shared. It worked out pretty well.

    • You may be poor in resources but you’re obviously rich in resourcefulness!

    • Thanks. I just had to make changes this weekend because our Teaching and Learning department released their schedule for our “Common Assessments” that will be used to evaluate me as an educator. I am curious to see how this will work.

  2. Anonymous

    Collaboration is as much a 21st century skill as blogging, though I applaud the effort to practice critical thinking skills.

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