Can I Have a Pass to Wendy’s?

The first day of school.  It brings all emotions from fear to trepidation to excitement.  Not just with students or teachers, even with a principal.  For example, last night, our principal posted on Facebook,  “So excited for tomorrow and the first day of school.  Hope I can sleep!  Here’s to a great school year!”  Of course, I facetiously commented, “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but…”

She didn’t bite.  She has been a teacher and an administrator for a while, AND she is a mom.  There. is. NO. fooling. moms.

Speaking of Moms, my wife, who works from home, LOVES the start of school.  She hosts a big lunch time party when I go back to school.  I bet she has another party when the kids begin.  The great thing about the second party is that she never asks me to clean the house, nor does she really talk about it.

Anyway, today was an awesome day!  The students in my classes are awesome.  I look forward to seeing the Honors students written assignments from the summer.

There was one thing today that made me laugh today.  It was a first.  No, it wasn’t a kid in the wrong room, or a freshmen being late because he went to Spanish instead of English.  As immature as I can be, I don’t find this funny. These things happen.

Let me give some background information.  We have Commons.  Many moons ago, before I began teaching, the school had too many students to put all of the kids in study halls.  The administrators had a good idea.  Place seniors, later adding juniors because of increased enrollment, in the lunch room (A.K.A. Commons.)  In other words, upper classroom, because of maturity, can spend a study hall in the lunch room.

Moving forward to today… I am one of the teachers assigned to Commons duty for period 2.  It is not a lunch period; it is 8-8:45 a.m.  This is a fun duty.  I get to walk around and talk to former students.  They are more mature and doing homework.  It is a warm and fuzzy feeling.  Strangely, today provided a memorable moment:

Student: Why doesn’t the breakfast line accept credit cards?

Me: Well, businesses who use credit cards have to pay a fee to the credit card company.  I guess the school district does not want to spend the 1-2% to allow students to use credit cards.  (Why does this kid have a credit card is my first thought.)

Student: Can I have a pass to Wendy’s?


Wendy’s (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me: (laughing which is a little unprofessional, but I was caught off guard)  I can’t do that.

Student: Why not?

Me: Well, number 1 – I don’t give passes out of Commons.  Number 2 – Wendy’s is not open.  Number 3 – I can not give you permission to leave the building.  Only the principal can.  Yes, I threw the principal under the bus if the young man decides to ask her for a pass to Wendy’s.  Hey, that is why she gets paid the big bucks,  to put up with me, right?

Needless to say, this opening day is number two on the most memorable first days.  Very first day ever, 1988, will always be most memorable.

This is going to be a funny year.

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