More Rebels!

I had another rebel in class the other day.


Students were to be writing the rough draft of an essay in class.  I have found that making them write in class reduces plagiarism.  Most kids copy or download  an essay from some website like .  It’s not that hard to catch them because I can Google the essay too.  I don’t like to be a “Gotcha” teacher though.  I would prefer to use class time to help them through the writing process.


I was walking through the classroom and checking with students on their progress.  I peered over Katerina’s shoulder, looked at her paper, and blinked three times.  I thought I was having trouble with my eyes again.  I was having trouble reading her essay.   Then I realized, she was writing in Macedonian!  I started laughing, which of course disrupted class for a minute.  What a rebel!


Map showing the distribution of the Macedonian...

Map showing the distribution of the Macedonian language (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Of course, Katrina has been an excellent writer all year.  Plus, she always does her work.  She turned in a great essay, in English, and I am pretty sure she did not pull it off a web site.  (I talked with her mom.)



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