What Will You Do With Your Talents?

My second grade son is on a basketball team through a local church.  After each practice, the coach teaches the kids a religious message.  Yesterday’s lesson was from the book of Matthew: Jesus telling the parable of servants using their talents.

Coach did a good job of telling the story so 2nd and 3rd graders would understand it:

Coach: Let’s say I give $60 to Mason.  Mason builds a restaurant, feeds people, and doubles the money.  How much does he have?

Mason: $120!

Coach: Right!  Good job!  Mason used his talent to cook to help others and make money.  Next, I give $30 to Conner.  He uses his money to build a store and sell people clothes they need.  He doubles his money.  How much does he have?

Conner: $60!

Coach:  Very good!  See, Conner used his money to help others stay warm, and he earned more money, too!  Now, I am going to give $10 to Coach Kelly.  He puts the money in a jar and buries it in the back yard.  He didn’t use his talents and he did not make any money or help anyone.

Now team, if I gave each of you $50 who would you give money too?

Isaac: I would give it to Coach Kelly because he doesn’t have any.

So much for the moral of the story being to use the talents you are given, unless, of course, charity is your talent.

I do not know of any teacher who has asked a question and did not get the answer he or she was expecting at one time or another.  It makes for some fun times, embarrassing times, or creative, intelligent times.  Obviously, it is all about the freshmen experience.

I would love to read some stories about a  student or coworker who said something was funny, embarrassing, or rather intelligent.  Please share.


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