Welcome To Another School Year

Welcome to another school year.  I share this blog with my students and their parents, as well as the world.  I tend to share my thoughts, however politically incorrect they may be, with anyone who meets me.  I welcome others to do the same, and I would die defending their right to their viewpoint, no matter how wrong it is.

After two days, I am beginning to see who the shy students are, who the gregarious students are, and the ones who understand my sense of humor.  I have yet to discover any student I wish to defenestrate.

Each year, I look inward to see how I can improve.  Although I know I am perfect, I entertain my wife’s thought that I can be better.  (It never hurts to humor the little woman…).

This year, I have created a separate document to show student’s mastery of the Common Core Curriculum.  To be honest, I have done this with my grade book, but the spreadsheet will make it easier for administrators to see the job I am doing.  Realistically speaking, it is not really how well we do our job, but how well we convince bosses that we do our job.

Administrators, parents, students, and other blog readers: do not fear.  I am utilizing the “I Can” statements of the Core as presented by Christina Hank, an excellent resource.  I am very aware of the direction we are headed, and I am happy to see it.  I just notice that we (leaders in education) have been this way before.  The difference is that leaders changed and terms changed, but the ideas did not.  Now, we have a common language and goals to help our students succeed.  This is exciting!

For parents, it may be too much information.  Nonetheless, know that your kids are in good hands.  I am teaching writing and reading.  I have lots of other words to describe what I am teaching, but for most of you, that is not important.  I am working hard to prepare your child for success in college and / or a career.  I know that all of my students will not be English teachers, although several have chosen that path.  I do know that the kids will need to think and analyze and support their opinions.  That is what I focus on.

For any current students reading this, know that I plan to challenge you.  I do not care what your opinion is as much as I care how well you support it.  I want you to stand for something, not fall for anything.  I want you to disagree with me.  I want you to show me with facts why I am wrong.  I know I am not perfect; I am married with 4 kids.  The family tells me how wrong I am all of the time.  I merely like supporting details and examples.

Here is a little secret: I will disagree with you just to see what facts you present to me to show me that I am wrong even though, in my heart, I agree with you.

Good luck this year students and parents.


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3 responses to “Welcome To Another School Year

  1. Good luck this year! I agree with disagreeing with students– math teachers have the benefit of seeing how their students arrived at their answers — we don’t.

  2. Remembering that most of our students will not turn out to be English teachers is one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as an English teacher. It was brought to my attention at a conference – just the amount of reading (specifically reading out loud) that we do in our profession that few other professions even come close to.

    And may you not have a student like one I had last year who asked why he needed to give me evidence for anything because politicians never do. I had to admit, he was right.

    • That is too funny! I would have responded to that most wise student, “You are not as idiotic as a politician; therefore, I am holding you to a higher standard. You have to provide evidence. Everyone knows politicians lie like dog in the shade on a hot day. Do you really want to be associated with them?” Have a great year.

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