The Fun Begins….

I went to school today; two weeks before the contract says I have to go.  Every teacher does this; it is one of our secrets.  I enjoy going in for two reasons: 1. It gets me away from my wife and children.  Before you chastise me for mentioning my wife, know this: she is thrilled when I return to work.  In fact, she throws a ladies lunch party!  and 2. The high school has young people all over the place in August.  The marching band and football teams are practicing.  The soccer teams are there, too.  The cross-country kids are running everywhere, so much so that they seem to be attacking me from every direction as I cross the parking lot.  For me, August means the energy and excitement of youth is swirling like the winds of a hurricane.

I wasn’t the only teacher there.  Mrs. S. was there grading A.P. History summer assignments.  Mr. B. was there getting ready for his new prep: A.P. English 11.  (Or was he avoiding the fiance’s wedding plans?)  And, Mrs. G. was there were her two little ones.  Her one goal was to decorate her door.  However, her three-year-old girl dumped all of her markers on the floor and her sixteen-month boy kept trying to escape the room.  I was no help to her even though I tried the same thing with my kids.  I just laughed.  My oldest son, now 12, set off the fire alarm when he was three.  My boys got into a fight in the middle of the hall another time.  Other times, they were caught running laps through the hall, driving remote-controlled cars through the halls, and even saying, “hello” to other teachers.

Nevertheless, it was a fun time.  I can’t wait to start teaching.



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4 responses to “The Fun Begins….

  1. Getting “hellos” from students the week before always te-energizes me. Makes me realize that I missed them. Good luck next week!

  2. Anonymous

    You caught me…

    – Mr. B

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