Summer Pause

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a school year!  I was absent way too much.  The last time I missed this much school was seven years ago when my last child was born.  I took six weeks of paternity leave and after two weeks, my wife was ready for me to go back to school!

This year, I survived a detached retina, a dog biting one son and it becoming infected, another son needing stitches, and a few bouts of illness in the family.  I guess I could use a change.  I would say break, but with the way the year has been, it would be a poor choice of a word…

What will I do this summer?  I am taking two classes, teaching an intervention class for the reading section of the OGT, working on the changes to our curriculum, and volunteering as an assistant coach with a local swim team.  Plus, I want to write more.  Last summer I started out blogging everyday.  As the school year progressed, I had to reduce it to twice a week.  Then, in the spring it became once a week.  I would like to be consistent with twice a week.

What are your goals for the summer?


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