I agree with dropping ELA. I would rather team teach with science and history. I could cover the CORE curriculum in those classes easily. It would also allow our science classes to have more time for labs.

Everything Needs to Change

When am I ever going to use this?

Every teacher has heard it.  Every teacher has an answer.  As a mathematics teacher, I pride myself on my ability to point out connections between just about any mathematical concept and any career field or topic.  And when I get a little stumped, I go back to the tried and true “mathematics is a way of thinking” routine.  Or perhaps I’ll choose the “you never know what you’re going to be when you get older” speech.  If a student is really annoying me I’ll just tell them they’re right, there is no point because McDonalds has computers that add the numbers and count the change for you.  Just kidding.  Although it is tempting.

We just don’t think very highly of our children these days.  I love math.  I see the beauty in finding elegant solutions to abstract problems.  And the “mathematics is…

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