Although I am sometimes facetious with my comments on state testing, this person is able to share a wealth of info in an easy-to-read format. I just started looking at her blog and she seems to be a fantastic resource in our back yard. Or are we in her back yard?

Turn On Your Brain

In case you missed it, the state of Ohio is running a series of common core informational sessions throughout the state at various ESC’s over the next month.  Last night, I attended the Franklin county meeting.  As I’ve said before, I consider myself somewhat knowledgeable about CCSS related issues, but every time I attend another conference or meeting (the last one was just a few weeks ago, for instance), I learn SO MUCH MORE.  Last night’s PPT was a slightly modified version of the one you can find here, and screenshots throughout this post will be of slides from the PPT.

Last night’s meeting was run primarily by Michael Sawyers, Deputy Superintendent for the state of Ohio.  As an aside, Sawyers was a fantastic speaker who moved at the speed of light through a meaty presentation–demonstrating his high level of preparedness.  He also answered questions thoughtfully and thoroughly…

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