So Much for a Quiet Lunch

Usually, I eat lunch in my room.  I may grade papers, respond to emails, or read. Don’t get me wrong.  I have traveled to the teacher’s lounge to socialize.  However, I have four children at home.  Eating lunch alone is sometimes my only “me” time.  Besides, weird things happen to me when I come out of my cave.

The other day my wife wanted to meet me at Subway for lunch.  Since work and children’s activities pull us in a hundred directions some days, we thought it would be as close to a “date night” as we would get.   Nothing says romance like “Five Dollar Footlong!” 

Well, as I drove across the street I noticed a young lady walking in the parking lot of the shopping plaza.  Students are not allowed to leave the school building, but I wasn’t sure if she was a student.  Therefore, I decided to not stop to question her.  Of course, on the way back to school, I saw her walking on school property.  She was carrying left overs from Happy Wok.  Apparently she is not as health conscience as I.  I watched her go to the front of the building and enter the front door. I followed.

White Collar (TV series)

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She then used her White Collar or Oceans 11 con artist skills.  She told the door guard she was going into the attendance office.  Then she went in one door and out another door.  After witnessing this, I followed her down a hallway calling for her to halt.  When she realized I can walk faster and I was not going to give up, she stopped.  I asked her, “Where are you suppose to be?”

Her response: “No where.”  Now, I am not the brightest clown fish in the school, but even I know a student is assigned to be somewhere.  So, I escorted her to the office to meet her vice principal.  To my astonishment, the two had already met.

Was it worth it?  Well, the favorite lunch for our students is General Tso chicken.  And, Happy Wok is an excellent restaurant.  However, is a week of sitting in In-School Suspension worth a lunch?

A dish of General Tso's chicken

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