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I am a daydream believer.  (Sorry Monkees)  I daydream all of the time in class. Sometimes I even do it while students are answering my questions.

I began daydreaming when I was a freshman.  I would sit and think of different ways the teacher could be teaching the lesson.  Of course, I was a teenager and knew everything.  Unfortunately, teachers did catch me once in a while and left me feeling slightly embarrassed.

I was reminded of daydreaming today in two different classes.  I hope I did not embarrass the young ladies, as that was not my intent.

It all started in a morning class.  Lindsey was sitting at her desk with a big smile on her face.  Thinking she was finished with her writing, I called on her to share it with the class.  Her eyes blinked rapidly and the smile faded.  She looked around sheepishly and I could tell she wasn’t ready.  I smiled and asked her if she was daydreaming.  She relaxed and replied, “Yes.”  I chuckled a little and asked her what she was daydreaming about.  “Basketball,” she answered.  (She is on the basketball team and they have a big game tomorrow.)  I told her I understood; it happens to me all of the time.  Lindsey relaxed and refocused on class.  Nothing unusual, just a typical day in a classroom, right?  Not today.

In an afternoon class I noticed Ainsley sitting at her desk with a grin and staring at the board.  She looked like she was finished with her writing, so I called on her. The grin disappeared and a little panic swept over the face.  I smiled and asked her if she was daydreaming.  She frowned and said, “Yes, sorry.”

I know that Ainsley plays on the basketball team, so I had to smile and ask, “By chance,were you daydreaming about basketball?”

A big smile crossed her face and she even giggled her response, “Yes.”   What are the chances?

I smiled as I was reminded that my class was not the most important thing in a freshman’s life.  I hope they win the game tomorrow.  We can write more next week.

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  1. Some of my best “work” is done by daydreaming.

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