Run, Run, and Read!

My students came up with the greatest idea yesterday.  We were reviewing vocabulary words, and as usual, the words ignited some ideas for integrated learning.  For example, our elementary students now have integrated physical education, art, and music.  With this as a base line, my students used critical thinking skills to brainstorm ways to incorporate physical education into our high school English class.

They decided that we need a treadmill room, much like we have a computer lab.  The decision was made that the bus drivers would frown on students bringing their own tread mills to school.  Therefore, teachers would reserve the treadmill room in the same manner as they do the computer labs.  The “treadmill lab” will allow students to read their novels or short stories while walking or running, depending on their fitness level or fitness goals.  After all, we see adults reading and working out at the gym everyday.

Of course, this activity could cause locker room smells and create the opportunity for a new cleanliness curriculum or create additional sales at the school store for Axe or other body sprays.  Obviously the latter brings in more money, and eliminates the need for bake sales which only add to our country’s obesity problem.

One problem that needs to be addressed is when a student falls asleep while reading.  When a student falls asleep at his or desk, I have given “wet willies,” tickles with a feather, dropped a book on the floor, allowed the class to leave two minutes early as long as they left quietly, or given a detention.  However, imagine the disruption if a student fell asleep while running on the treadmill.  He or she would slide off the treadmill and hit the back wall or another treadmill with a loud “THUMP!”  This, like a fart, would cause all of us to laugh and lose our place in our books.

Despite the chaos, I would enjoy watching a few students stumble, collapse, and hit the wall.  I bet I could film it and win money on America’s Funniest Videos or post it on YouTube and make a kid as famous as Fred.


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