Redo Two

After contemplating whether to have students redo a writing assignment and discussing the idea with an intervention specialist I work with, I decided a redo was necessary.  Thus, I am changing my lesson plans for the rest of the week.  Being a teacher requires flexibility like a gymnast.  It also has to be a trait in most occupations because daily “routines” hardly exist: technology fails, people get sick; bosses want the work – yesterday.

I am going to give the paragraphs back to the students and have them highlight similarities with a model paragraph I wrote.  Then, I am going to give them a new topic over today’s reading assignment.  In addition, I will share two possible topic sentences and four vague supporting ideas.  The students will have to pick two supporting ideas, present them as specific supporting details with one example being a passage from the novel and the other being a paraphrased example.  This will help them next week when they write their essays, and the body paragraphs look exactly like this assignment.

With this redo, I hope the students realize the importance of using valid and specific examples, understand the expectations better, and create thoughtful, insightful, and well-written paragraphs.

Sometimes, we all have to try, try again; unless you are skydiving.


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