The Robert Gift

Today is my youngest son’s seventh birthday.  I have no idea where the years have gone because he seems very grown up to me now.  No, he is not quite ready for the car keys, but he has been using his imagination with a toy AT-AT walker like the one on the planet Hoth in Star Wars.

The AT-AT was a gift we gave him.  He also received a Star Wars blanket, Star Wars back pack, Star Wars lunch box, and a Nerf battle-axe and gun.  The last gift was not well received, for he does not like Nerf guns like his oldest brother does.  So, guess who picked out the Nerf gun as a gift?  The oldest brother, who also played with it all night.

This reminded my daughter of the story I told her of my older brother, Robert.  When I was in sixth grade my brother was generous enough to buy me Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album.  (Remember vinyl records?) Many would consider this a great gift.  However, I had never heard of the band.  Right after I opened it and before I could even begin the incredulous look, he asked if he could “tape” it.  Since he was four years older and bigger, I did what any respectable little brother would do.  I gave him the album.  I never saw it again.

So, Andy buys Matthew the “coolest” Nerf gun out there, and he plays with it all night.  Matthew may see that gun in the toy box in the basement.  Or, he may not.

I hope your next birthday does not bring you “Robert” gifts.


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One response to “The Robert Gift

  1. Diane Ouimet

    Happy birthday, Matthew!! I am glad to see my friend is still using the force.:)

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