There is Hope!

There is always hope!  Each day I see some amazing acts of kindness from the freshman I teach.  Recently, I have watched students share the novel Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers with classmates who could not acquire a copy in time for our class assignments.  No judgement was made; I asked if anyone could loan a copy of the novel to another student during our silent reading time.  Every student who did not have a book was given one by a generous classmate.

A few years ago, I saw an amazingly mature and kind display from a ninth grader.  For one reason or another we went into a lockdown.  I went into the hallway and ordered  any student not in a classroom to come into my room.  It so happens, Ian, a mentally handicapped young man was at his locker next to my room.  I knew Ian because he always had a smile and a hello.  Plus, I knew he did not like change very well.

I invited him into my classroom with the trepidation that the ninth graders would be immature and say something inappropriate.  Was I ever wrong!  Several students said, “Hello Ian!” and one young lady moved over to a desk near his and began to talk to him.  He was nervous due to the change in his schedule, but she made him feel at ease.  After a while, we were able to return to our work and include Ian.

I learned that I should never underestimate the students I teach.  They are caring people and only need the opportunity to show the world.


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  1. Absolutely true. Ian gave so much to all of us through his generous and loving spirit. He works at the Lancaster- Fairfield medical Center where he is appreciated very much. Everyday we can participate in random acts of kindness and love. The gifts are in the giving and receiving.

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