Break from Bocce

It appears the Over 70 Women’s Bocce team will need to replace my mother because she has been placed on the injured reserve list.  She suffered several fractures in her left arm and shoulder when fans mobbed her after her winning toss in a win against their arch-rivals.  Bocce fans need not worry, though.  She will be back;  she is right-handed.

If only the whole story was made up instead of part of it.  Mom fell off the back door stoop.  Two days later, my Dad and sister finally convinced her to go to the hospital.  Never one to give up easily, Mom was trying to leave the hospital as Dad was filling out paperwork to admit her.  I can picture her trying to hold her oxygen tank with her right hand and walking as quickly as a turtle.  She never made it one step before my sister grabbed her oxygen tank and led her back to the wheelchair.  The “50 foot leash”, as the grandkids affectionately call the oxygen cord, seemed to do the trick.  There used to be a time when Mom could catch us kids and spank us with a wooden spoon.

The doctors admitted Mom and had her model for a thousand x-rays.  I can hear her now cussing out the x-ray techs for making her contort her body into a pretzel.  Then, they put her on morphine.  Soon, she ceased swearing and was sleeping peacefully.

Recovery and rehab will take a long time, but this is a woman who grew up during the Depression, who remained married for over 50 years,who worked full-time in a factory for over 30 years, who raised three kids, and who even helped build our garage when Dad broke his leg.  Back in her prime, she was tough enough to become a Navy Seal except for the swimming part.  (She never learned how to swim.)

After a few weeks of school, I have noticed the tough kids in class, and I have plenty of them.  They have tough times at home or at school, yet they continue to find a way to get their work done.  I throw creative projects at them and they strive to succeed.  They never give up because something seems hard or uncomfortable, like speaking in front of their peers.    Sometimes, we all need reminded that we all face challenges.  We are not alone.

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