I enjoy assigning projects, especially creative ones.  Today, the students had to read a poem about themselves or prepare a slide show that showed “where they are from.”  The creativity was amazing, and I will ask some of the kids to allow me to share them on this blog.  I was very proud of the kids who encountered some problems and made decisions. They adapted, improvised, and overcame!

Of course, projects bring out creative excuses too.  I had several students tell me that the slide show website (Photopeach.com) would not save.  (It saved automatically for me and every other student, so I am a little incredulous.)  I had a few excuses of “I think I did it wrong.”  My response, “Let me see it,”  was met with another excuse, “I left it at home.”  And today’s favorite excuse: “My brother burned it.”  I can actually picture one of my sons doing that to his brother if I didn’t hide the matches in the gun safe.

Tomorrow, I will have the students who were not prepared write out their excuses.  I plan to do this with every assignment with the hope that students will see the school work to be less work than the excuse making.

Well, I have papers to grade, emails to answer, and miles to go before I sleep.  So, please excuse me as I say goodnight.



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2 responses to “Excuses

  1. Janie

    My CBI students had to write out their excuses as well as their options and solutions. They were incredibly creative at times, but soon realized that the best way to get Mama Sheraw off their backs was to just do the “stupid work.” lol

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