Recently I asked my students to bring in pictures or symbols of their heroes.  Some must have chosen Lethe, the greek goddess of forgetfulness, for they forgot about the assignment.  Other students chose fictional superheroes, and some chose sports heroes.  However, some of the kids put thought into the assignment and chose family members.  Of course, a  few thought of 9/11 and chose firefighters and police officers.  The assignment was not worth a lot of points.  It was given to make the kids reflect on our heroes and how they represent our values.

Of course, being September 11, my mind is full of thoughts about heroes; first responders who rushed into the towers, passengers who fought back, and our men and women in the military.  I have watched countless videos honoring all of those who helped in one way or another.   One excellent clip was produced by ESPN.  http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=6929979.   These people are our heroes because we value their love for others.

When I remember my heroes, I realize my values have changed over the years.  One of my first heroes was a sports figure: Roger Staubach.  I was a huge Dallas Cowboy fan and read his biography while I was in grade school.  He was more than a football player.   Now, I see heroes among my coworkers and friends.   They handle adversity and change with grace and poise.  They face family problems, illness and loss among loved ones, job changes, and numerous other challenges life throws at them.  With all of these heroes around me, I know I can handle any problems that may occur.

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