Today, my youngest son  got back into soccer with his first game in over a year.  I was his first coach, but he fired me.  He did not like me cheering for all of the kids on the other team also.  Then, he decided to take some time off.  When he ended his walkout, I had to promise to not compliment his friends during the game.  I would have to wait until after the game.

Matthew surprised me during his game.  He has been dragged to his older brothers’ games, and I always thought he was not paying attention.  However, he knew how to stay in position instead of swarming around the ball with every other player.  He also knows how to call for the ball, and how to look for an open teammate to pass the ball to.  Unfortunately, not many of his teammates are as savvy as he is.  They will learn though; they are little boys with attention spans of fish.  They will grow into sharks with one focus – get the ball as if it was a seal.

Needless to say, his team got crushed, even though “no one” keeps score.  It seems his team, Matthew included, need to work on speed.  My mother, with her walker and oxygen tank, could have moved faster than any one of those six-year olds.  I know I sound harsh, but sometimes the truth hurts.

After the game, the coach gave the “I’m proud of you” speech.  Then, SNACK TIME!  (which is the real reason to play soccer)  This week a mom brought Oreos.  It gets no better than that!  Smiles were everywhere.

Matthew reminded me that people are paying attention when you don’t think they are.  Always lead by example.  And, winning is not always determined who has the most goals.  It can be about adjusting your goal.  Getting Oreos is way better than winning a soccer game.



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2 responses to “Winning

  1. Diane Ouimet

    This made my day! Best wishes to Matthew and his soccer team. In the meantime, enjoy the Oreos.:)

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