Wish I Would Have Done That Differently…

At times, or most of the time, I wish I would have done something differently.  The marriage thing is fine.  The kid thing is fine.  And, the teaching thing is fine.  However, there are always little things I wish I would have done differently.

For example, today, I prepared a lesson on heroes that looked great on paper, but the kids did not respond with the  enthusiasm I thought they would.  As the day moved on, I adapted the lesson to try to make it more interesting.  The final verdict is to be determined when I read what they had written about heroes during class.  I am hoping they made interesting, thoughtful comments on how everyone’s values may differ.

I remember one year we were reading Romeo and Juliet and discussing how Romeo likes a different girl, Rosaline, at the beginning of the play.  However, when he sees Juliet, he immediately falls in love with her.  The discussion started to turn into gossip with whom liked whom in the school.  I could see nothing good coming from this tangent talk, but before I could redirect the dialogue, a student stated he knew a student who thought I was cute.  As I opened my mouth to cease the obvious inappropriateness of the comment, a young lady in the class stated that this admirer must not be in my class, because if she were, she would not think I was so cute or funny.

I believe the kids set me up for that joke, and I fell for it faster than Romeo fell for Juliet.  I have learned that freshmen can be quick-witted and funny, and they make me smile everyday.

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