Since this year is the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks on our country, our schools’ choir director is planning a tribute to the heroes.  She has asked me to help her.

Researching ideas and information for the program has brought back memories of that September day.  I remember the looks on the kids faces as we tried to fathom what was happening.  I remember flying my flag when I got home.  And, I remember pausing while mowing my yard, looking up at the blue sky, and noticing no planes or jet trails streaking across the clear sky.

All of these memories have reminded me of the students I have taught who have decided to serve our country by joining the military.  I have had the honor and privilege to teach young people who joined the Navy, Coast Guard, Army, Air Force, and Marines.  Several went to our three Military Academies, many joined to help pay for college, and a few joined to help them “grow up.”  In my research I did not come across any of their stories, but I did find other veterans’ stories.  I am not sure if we can use them for the choir concert, but I do know we can learn from the experiences of our military personnel.  You can find their stories at http://www.loc.gov/vets/stories/ex-war-waronterror.html.



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