The Best

I know many people say they are blessed because of where or who they work with.  They may be right, but I know I am right. Yesterday was the first day back to school for teachers, and we got to go meetings!  Oh Joy!  Oh Rapture!  However, the district-wide meeting was pretty good.  (One time we had an interpretive dance group “inspire” us to teach better.)  This time we had a pep rally, which I usually loathe, but it was neat to see band members and cheerleaders there.  After all, kids get excited about school!  Even my wife, who never seems to get excited about anything, has a lunch party  when the kids and I go back to school.   I get excited too, but it is because I no longer have to be at home with my four cherubs and all of their friends.  But, I digress.

This year we had  a key-note speaker who was knowledgable, enlightening, and a great story-teller.  Feel free to check out his website:

After the district-wide teacher’s meeting, we had a department meeting.  Each year, I realize I work with a great team.  We all have our strengths.  There is our department head who still loves  teaching after 31 years, and likes short meetings.  He is not that retired-person-but-still-working person.  Next, we have our research genius who provides us with excellent data to help students reach their next level.  And, we have our organizational experts who can share any idea, worksheet, or curriculum question within minutes.   We have cynics who play “devil’s advocate.”  Plus, we have the young people who never knew what a landline was, let alone a life without computers.   I am so lucky to have these resources.   My colleagues make my life easier.  Too bad  their lives will become more difficult as my kids enter high school.

Our team has set some goals to continue to use technology more since we have a set of laptops to share now.  (I think they all work.)  We want to continue to ensure our curriculum meets the new CORE standards we will have in place in two years. It is so much easier to be proactive than reactive.


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