The start of 2011-12

The last four years have had me in a cynical mood for the first-day-district-wide meetings.  However,  today, I was pleasantly surprised.  Our interim superintendent did not speak down at us; instead he talked about our TEAM. And, we got the great news that we are an EXCELLENT WITH DISTINCTION school district.  To be honest, I am not sure what all of these labels mean, since we try to avoid labeling children, but I can tell that teachers worked hard to help students succeed.  And, someone somewhere cares about our label.  I just know that my four kids learned and accomplished something because of their teachers.  (Ok, some of their success was genetics from the maternal side.)

Sometime during the meeting, I became won over while our guest speaker talked about education.  You can get an idea of what Jamie Vollmer said by visiting his website:  I also suggest giving a copy of his book to any one who thinks they know what is wrong with education.

So, today I learned that some business people can learn that education is different than business, that upper levels of leadership can shine, and I should not be so cynical.  Now, to work this into my classroom next week…


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