My 23rd Year

I start my 23rd year tomorrow.  Sort of.  I start with a meeting; a 15 minute meeting to explain how we will host the entire district for the opening day welcome and “special” speaker.  It promises to be a pep rally style opening with fun!  Then, more meetings throughout the day.  I know these will have merit and be productive, but I just want to get my room ready and plan lessons.

So, I will work every night to plan lessons and decorate and organize my room.  I have the time since my family will be in Nebraska on a cattle ranch with family.  If I didn’t have work to do  I would have the free time to miss the chaos and whining of children.  Nonetheless, I do wish I could be out there riding a horse, roping cattle, and fixing fences.  There is something to be said about life in the west in a small town (population 271).  Everything moves slower and resembles what Henry David Thoreau wrote in Walden: “Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

The first time we went to Harrison, Nebraska my children learned about the calf with a broken leg, named “veal.”  Yes, they learned that awful truth.  Plus, they learned about electric fences.  Another shocker in truth!  The last time we visited, they learned more about the cows and the horses.  They rode and herded calves.  They even tried to ride the calves as if they were rodeo cowboys.  Not one kid lasted eight seconds.

Yes, I am jealous.  The kids will learn from doing, while I sit in meetings and learn from lectures.  I hope when they come back, they continue to learn from doing and not just from lecture.


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