Excitement is in the Air!

Yesterday I witnessed Enthusiasm! and Excitement!  It was the day my two youngest boys found out who their teachers would be.  It really was not about the teacher; it was really about who would be in the class in with them.  And, they both have good friends in their respective classes.  All is well in our house!

I am not sure how it worked back in the day when I was in elementary school.  We only had two teachers for each grade, and I seemed to always have friends in my classes.  I don’t remember meeting the teacher or visiting the building to ease my trepidation.  I guess my parents felt I had an older brother and older sister would walk me to school and show me where to go. My brother tried, but he must not have been too smart.  What he told me was the restroom ended up being the teacher’s lounge. Luckily, my sister was smarter.

My theory (and I do not know this for sure): I think the elementary teachers hold a draft, like my friends and I do for fantasy football.  In good school districts like ours, the teachers discuss the students strengths and weaknesses and who they work well with or who their friends are.  In bad districts, they give the newbie all of the children with behavior problems.  Well, my kids are in a good school district, so the draft has seemed to work out well right now.

My amazement and learning from this is how in-tune and in-touch kids are today.  My first and third graders were waiting for the mail and calling their friends immediately to learn if they were in the same class.  I don’t think I learned what a phone was until I was in 5th or 6th grade.  I have learned from my own kids that they have greater, and different, communication skills than I have ever had.  I hope to catch up soon.

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