The Beginning

Yesterday was schedule pick up day for the freshmen at my school.  Every other year I would forget about this day, decide to go to school to plan and prepare for the year, and then get inundated with interruptions from parents and freshmen.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love to meet the kids and parents.  I wouldn’t be prepared for the chaos because I would forget to look at the calendar and make a “to do” list that requires concentration and time.  If I wanted interruptions, I would have stayed home with the four kids and two dogs.

However, this year the date was on our calendar because my little girl (really, she is little; she just grew to five feet this week) had to pick up her schedule and books.  So, I loaded up Maggie and the boys into Groudon, our mini-van.  I have no idea why my boys named the Odyssey after a red Pokemon.  The van is tan.  You can probably guess what name I had in mind.  That’s right, Odysseus!

When we entered the school, we worked our way to the field house for the turning in of emergency medical forms and having  ID cards made.  It was there we saw Deputy Bennington, our school resource officer.  He gave my sons “the stare” as he tried to surmise which one would pull the fire alarm this year.  Actually, it only happened once, eight years ago.  And, Andy was not the only three-year old to pull the alarm that week. Four other children did it, too.

I let Maggie stand in a line that was ten times longer than the one at Disney World for “It’s a Small World After All.”  Meanwhile, the boys and I went to my room to try to decorate.  We made it about 50 feet before one son “accidentally” knocked another to the ground. If only the Deputy would have been there…

After the defenestration of my sons out of my second story window, I went to help Maggie.  Don’t worry.  Mommy was there to catch them after they bounced.

I always help students with lockers or when they are lost.  Sometimes, I even give them the correct directions to get to their class.  Yesterday was no different.  I helped a boy with his locker and explained to a dad that room 401 was not on the fourth floor because we only have two floors.  Yet, yesterday was different.  I helped my daughter with her locker, which is in a great location.  It is around the corner from my room.  This will allow me to spy on her from the end of the hallway. Plus, two friends have their classrooms across the hall, so they can report any suspicious behavior, like boys loitering near her locker.  Anyway, Maggie placed shelves in her locker, books inside the shelves, and decorated the door and back wall.  I asked her where she was going to hang her coat.  She replied, “Your room.”  As Han Solo likes to say, “I have a bad feeling about this.”  My space will be invaded.

We followed Maggie’s schedule and talked about when she could go to her locker and the fastest ways to get to her classes.  All parents, siblings, or mentors do this on this day.  However, not many probably walked by the elevator and said, “I’ll just take this.  It is faster.”  See, it is frowned upon for students to take the elevator unless they have a handicap.  Of course, Maggie is planning on telling anyone who questions her that she does have a handicap –  her dad.  (It is hard to argue with that.)

In conclusion, it is a new beginning, again, for me.  One of the kids I get to learn from is my daughter.  Thankfully, she is not in my class!  Needless to say, I will get to hear what the freshman experience is like every night at dinner.


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2 responses to “The Beginning

  1. Diane Ouimet

    I am enjoying your blog so much! I love to keep up with your family’s news. (I await Maggie’s blog for dealing with dad at HER school!) Thanks, too, for sharing websites to include technology in the classroom. I missed the day I became an “old dog”.:) Best wishes for a wonderful school year!

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