Goal Setting

Exactly half the year is over.  And for teachers, time to prepare for new faces, new classes, and new ideas.  What are my 10 goals for the rest of the year?

1. To keep working on this blog.  I have realized I enjoy sharing my thoughts and hearing from others.

2. To have my students use more technology in projects.

3. To use technology more in my teaching.

4. To create tests and socratic discussion questions for young adult literature.  Currently, I have four novels completed and am working on two more.  My plan is to sell them and become a billionaire because everyone wants to buy tests and schools have a surplus of cash to spend on educational supplements for the teachers.  Actually, if I can convince the students these are the tests their teachers will be using, they will buy them.

5. To get in shape and lose a few pounds.

6. To get a new car.  The 11-year-old mini-van has lost its “coolness” factor.

7. To try to come up with 3 more goals…

What are your goals?



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4 responses to “Goal Setting

  1. advice…ipad 2 amazing, coolness factor off the map… you can do things in class with it. Get a grant and get it free.

    prius wagon…pays for itself by the gas money you save and puts money in the bank too. Room for stuff like the van roomy for kids in back seat I mean it no joke. Compared to the van mileage…(remember we had the same van) it gets double, The car has cool tech stuff hands free phone etc, travels well, six speed transmission attacks the hills and mountains and charges the battery on the way down.
    This is hands down the best car I have ever owned and my first car was a ‘
    69 barracuda!

  2. Donna

    Get a Toyotta Sienna..only because they have good commercials. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4

  3. Donna

    Toyota not Toyotta. Blah! Typo on an English teacher page. No good.

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