Swimming Champs

I have recovered from our summer swim team championships.  It was a 12 hour day in 100 degree weather.   We were one of twelve teams with a total of 1000 swimmers in the two sessions.  Coaches took turns on the deck of the pool and sitting in shade.  We drank plenty of water and sports drinks and took swims in another pool to cool off.

What does a sport have to do with learning?  I watched swimmers learn responsibility.  They learned how to take care of themselves (with a lot of reminders from parents and coaches) during potentially dangerous conditions.  We can not always control what life throws at us, but we can control how we handle it.

I watched older swimmers have to make it to the blocks for their races without the help of a bullpen (parents who line swimmers up).  We did have two boys miss an event, but we all mess up sometime in life.  The important thing is to learn from our mistakes.  Hopefully the two boys will never miss an event again, especially if it involves a wife’s birthday.

I watched kids having fun.  Miles and miles of smiles and smiles flowed through the event like water out of the faucet.  Even in tough conditions, we can find fun.  A lesson worth remembering during our tough times.

So, thank you kids for helping me through a hot day and for reminding me to smile.


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